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Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Objective of this project

Eread, which stands for Erasmus MC Research & Education Accommodation Development, is the program for Research & Education (R&D) accommodation at Erasmus MC. It concerns a large-scale renovation of various R&D buildings, the result of which is in line with the future vision of the university medical center.

Erasmus MC
Ector Hoogstad
22.900 m2

An inspiring learning and working environment for students and employees

The R&D area is mainly located in the white 'Faculty Tower' and various low-rise buildings around it. Renovating the housing is a very complex and extensive task, which will take until approximately 2030.

In Eread Laag there will be an inspiring learning and working environment for students and employees. In the first place a functional, but certainly also an inviting and recognizable building cluster in which the courses can display themselves well and where cross connections are also created at the same time.

The building will remain in use during the renovation, which means that a lot of attention is paid to a proper phasing of the work.

Good physical and visual connections

This is expressed in the design through good physical and visual connections and an attractive variety of places and facilities. The shared functions and meeting places come together at the intersection of the horizontal axis of the education center and the vertical axis of the faculty tower.

In short:

  • A state of the art skills center, in the heart of the education center
  • Safe learning environment for healthcare professionals and students
  • The 7th Science Gallery in the World; science in conjunction with art and culture, to be shared with society
  • Central meeting center and space for spontaneous meeting
  • Central cold storage for research


Photos / Images: Guido Pijper / Erasmus MC