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Who we are

Valstar Simonis is an independent consulting and engineering firm

With around 70 colleagues, we design smart, flexible and sustainable building installations for clients. With the expertise to tackle complex and challenging issues. In a pleasant collaboration with passionate design/construction partners. And with four branches in the Netherlands, we are always nearby. This way we guarantee continuity and can switch quickly.




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We believe in a sustainable world for everyone. Where people enjoy living, working and recreation. That is why at Valstar Simonis we work on comfortable, flexible buildings that do not burden our living environment. But that even contribute positively to it. Inventively designed building installations help to achieve this. After all, a building in which you enjoy living, working or recreating retains its value. Comfort contributes to people's health and productivity. And if a building can be easily adapted to changing functions, it becomes sustainable and circular.


The need to make society sustainable is increasing. To achieve these ambitious sustainability goals, knowledge and cooperation in a team of specialists is increasingly necessary. We are a special installation consultancy where knowledge development and cooperation go hand in hand.

Our industry is in full swing and developments are rapid. We follow these developments closely and share this knowledge internally with colleagues, but also externally. This is the only way to achieve the best result.
Collaborating with other parties on large assignments is increasingly a must. We actively seek partnerships. But we also actively collaborate internally in constantly changing teams on various projects.
Not only do we try to be sustainable in our designs, but also in our actions as an organization. For example, by paying attention to paper consumption and waste separation. Or by facilitating working from home to avoid unnecessary travel miles.

Our Professionals

With about 70 permanent employees, Valstar Simonis forms an expert, highly educated, but above all enthusiastic team of engineers and consultants in the disciplines of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, measurement and control technology, commissioning and energy & sustainable development. Supplemented by staff functions in the areas of finance, HR, ICT and communications. We work in varying teams on about 175 projects annually. Employees are involved in and enjoy working on our mission to make the world healthy and sustainable. Everyone has their own role and responsibility in this. We like to show you what we have to offer!

Our Professionals


Healthy, comfortable and sustainable buildings start with an expert design. With over 70 years of experience in the field of installation advice, gained in many beautiful and challenging projects, we have all the knowledge to advise clients on this. But we are also at the forefront of sustainability and circularity.