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Smart building

Things get smarter in a Smart Building

A smart building is a building that uses smart, integrated techniques aimed at improving the working and living environment – ​​the well-being and health – of the user. It is a tool for better building management and goes further than the already well-known Building Management System.
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Smart building

A smart building integrates new technologies in the field of data and connectivity, such as augmented reality, robotics and Internet of Things sensors. For example, for one of our projects The Flow in Amsterdam, our consultants have designed a smart building system that optimizes the installations based on all kinds of data, such as energy consumption and air quality, thus realizing a healthier and fresher indoor climate for the users.

It is important that all parties working on a smart building cooperate and share the same vision. This applies to the consultant, installer, suppliers and providers of systems, but also to the clients'IT and facility departments. From the start of the design process to the completion and commissioning of the building, this collaboration is indispensable. This makes realizing a smart building a complex but also a beautiful and challenging process, which our experts are happy to work on.

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Importance of Smart building

  • Welfare
  • Health
  • Partnerships


A healthy and sustainable world cannot be taken for granted and the challenges are great. We try to contribute to this within all aspects of installation advice. The energy transition plays an important role in this, but also the reuse of materials, a healthy indoor climate and a well-functioning building.