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Installation advice

Installation advice is the core of our services

As society we more and more depend on installations, especially in the building environment. As an engineering firm, we have been advising clients in all areas of installation technology for over 70 years. Our consultants in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, measurement and control technology and transport installations have gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the years due to the great diversity of projects. They deliver an optimal design for every project.
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Custom-made advice for every project

Installation advice is the core of our activities. Every building deserves an optimal design to create a comfortable environment for the user. Whether it is education or research, an office environment or a theatre. Our specialists design installations based on clear principles, the sustainability ambition and the available installation budget.

electrical engineering

Electrical installations such as good lighting, electrical equipment in the workplace, safety systems and ICT systems are almost taken for granted. In the event of a malfunction, such as a power failure, it becomes clear how dependent we are on the proper functioning of all these installations. For Valstar Simonis, therefore, in addition to other important aspects such as durability and adaptability, the operational reliability of the electrical installations is key. We strive for clear and easy-to-maintain installations, with simple technical design, functionality and operating options.

In addition to this, we think it is important that when applying new techniques, such as sensor technology and direct current networks, there is a right balance between progressiveness and “proven technology”. Due to our involvement in a wide variety of projects, a lot of experience has been gained in choosing installation concepts, elaborating wishes into a design and correctly realizing small to very large electrical installations.

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electrical engineering at Valstar Simonis

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A healthy and sustainable world cannot be taken for granted and the challenges are great. We try to contribute to this within all aspects of installation advice. The energy transition plays an important role in this, but also the reuse of materials, a healthy indoor climate and a well-functioning building.