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Healthy buildings

Healthy buildings are of vital importance

Healthy buildings offer people a pleasant living and working environment. Pleasant for a long time because they feel that those buildings offer them protection (safe) and because they feel healthy and fit. For this the building installations are important, in addition to a good architectural design and fine furnishing.
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Healthy buildings

There is sufficient evidence that employees in a healthy building not only work more pleasantly, but are also more productive and less sick. Our consultants and designers develop healthy buildings in accordance with the WELL quality mark. This quality mark indicates that an environment meets certain requirements of comfort and health. They contribute to these healthy buildings by ensuring that there is sufficient fresh air in the buildings and by offering users the opportunity to influence their environment.

Temperature, light levels and fresh air; all these aspects can be set by the users. Our designs also encourage users to move and to have contact with each other. And we guarantee that no materials are used that 'make you sick'. No emission of volatile gases, no dust particles and no transmission of diseases through the building installations.
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Importance of Healthy buildings

  • Nice work
  • Productivity
  • WELL


A healthy and sustainable world cannot be taken for granted and the challenges are great. We try to contribute to this within all aspects of installation advice. The energy transition plays an important role in this, but also the reuse of materials, a healthy indoor climate and a well-functioning building.