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What we do

Our services

From 'ordinary' to highly specialized: we advise clients on all aspects of installation technology in all market segments. In doing so, we help our clients achieve healthy, comfortable, circular, safe and sustainable buildings. Our employees have the most up-to-date knowledge and are happy to share this with clients and cooperation partners.

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Installation advice

We have all specialisms of installation advice in-house. Our consultants in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, measurement and control technology and transport installations can realize an optimal installation concept, from
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Healthy buildings

In healthy buildings installations are designed to optimize the way users live, work and recreate. Health will benefit from it. After all, people spend a large
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Smart building

When designing installations in buildings, more buildings are made 'smart': we integrate smart, innovative techniques to improve the working and living environment – ​​wellbeing and health.
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In addition to developing smart and innovative ideas in a design, the process of quality control is just as important.
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Sustainability and Circularity

Sustainability and circularity are important in our installation advice. After all, comfortable, healthy, flexible buildings and installations are necessary for a sustainable future. In addition, we like to think about


Each year we work on an average of about 175 projects. From small to large, from simple to very complex. We are proud of everything we realize and put our best efforts into it. We do many projects at hospitals, universities and colleges. But also office buildings for (semi) government organizations and banks. And we make our contribution to multifunctional high-rise residential towers.