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WE MAXIMIZE OUR KNOWLEDGE FOR A healthy and sustainable world

Preserving our earth is what we do it for. It is not for nothing that our mission is to put our knowledge to maximum use for a healthy and sustainable world. That is why at Valstar Simonis, with about 70 colleagues, we work on comfortable, flexible buildings that do not burden our living environment. Or that even contribute positively to it. Cleverly designed building systems help to achieve this. After all, a building that you enjoy staying in retains its value. Comfort contributes to people's health and productivity. And if a building can be easily adapted to changing functions, it becomes sustainable and circular.




Years of joint experience


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In addition to sustainability, as initiator of the TVVL Expert Group on Circular Installations, we have been active for years in getting the theme of circularity higher on the agenda within our industry. Circularity is about retaining the value of used products and materials and thus eliminating the extraction of new raw materials.  

We see the question coming back more and more often and encourage the theme among our clients. Because, unfortunately, circular design, construction, management and maintenance is not yet a given. Throughout the construction chain, it is essential to make adjustments in the way we design and that also requires different ways of working together. We like to think about the use of raw materials and the reuse of building materials. This is one of the contributions we make to the ambitious, sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

CSR and Corporate Responsibility

Striving for an optimal balance between the interests of People, Planet and Profit is something we do not only for our environment but also for ourselves. As an organization we are also continuously working to reduce our environmental impact by, for example, better waste separation and less paper use. But also by facilitating working from home and thus avoiding unnecessary car mileage. These efforts stem from our environmental management system, which is set up in accordance with ISO 14001. We also have an ISO 9001 quality management system.

Eye for our environment and society is also evident in the projects we support socially, such as friends of Museon, study association Mollier of TU Eindhoven and various associations and foundations.

Finally, we are involved in a number of partnerships and (sector) organizations. Examples are Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC), Stichting Kiemt in Oost-Nederland (knowledge and innovation in energy and environmental technology), the Bouwcampus in Delft and NL engineers. But we are also active within the TVVL and the NVTG.