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Commissioning is risk reduction

In addition to developing smart and innovative ideas in a design, the process of quality control is just as important. Are the building installations designed in such a way that they function in accordance with the requirements of the client or owner? Commissioning is the method of choice for risk reduction.
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By working towards a proper delivery early in the proces, commissioning can significantly reduce the number of problems. This ensures fewer crises and a smoother delivery while attention can be paid to the handover instead of the remaining points. Valstar Simonis has in-house commissioning managers to properly supervise the process. For some clients, eg. Schiphol, they recently have successful completed an entire commissioning process.

BREEAM requires commissioning. In addition to the technical functioning, this also guarantees the comfort of the end users and the energy performance of the building. We have certified commissioning managers who are also BREEAM experts and who can fulfill this role at the same time. However, the commissionings manager also offers added value for routes where BREEAM is not applied: installations function noticeably more efficient.

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Importance of Commissioning

  • Risk reduction
  • Smooth delivery
  • Required for BREEAM


A healthy and sustainable world cannot be taken for granted and the challenges are great. We try to contribute to this within all aspects of installation advice. The energy transition plays an important role in this, but also the reuse of materials, a healthy indoor climate and a well-functioning building.