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Sustainability and Circularity

The importance of sustainability and circularity

Sustainability plays a major role in the industry as well as in our organization. It is not for nothing that our mission is to use our knowledge to the maximum for a healthy and sustainable world. The energy transition is obviously an important driving force, but increasingly the origin and reuse of materials also plays a major role in our advice.
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Comfortable, healthy and flexible buildings are needed to make the future sustainable. The built environment accounts for much of the energy consumption but, in doing so, also has much of the solution at its fingertips. Energy-neutral building has been demanded for some time in new construction and renovation. We therefore try to design as many (almost) energy-neutral buildings (BENG) as possible.

We have experts in-house who are certified to issue a BREEAM certificate for projects. We have also developed our own internal sustainability tool based on the BREEAM methodology. This allows us to determine our own ambition and contribution for projects. This tool can also be used to discuss sustainability with clients. We have designed many BREEAM-NL certified projects and also supervised their realization. The latter is important to also monitor the actual built sustainability.

In this way we do our utmost to contribute with our advice to the realization of the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement.

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Sustainability at Valstar Simonis

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A healthy and sustainable world cannot be taken for granted and the challenges are great. Within all aspects of installation advice, we try to contribute to this. The energy transition plays an important role in this but also the reuse of materials, a healthy indoor climate and a well-functioning building.