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HRM internship: shall we build our future together?

At Valstar Simonis there is always room for motivated, passionate, but above all enthusiastic students who, just like us, feel the need to leave our world a better place for future generations.

For our smart, technical colleagues, sustainability is always the common thread when designing installations in, for example, hospitals, laboratories or educational buildings. Every day, our employees work on approximately 175 different impressive projects, such as the renovation of De Nederlandsche Bank of Palace 't Loo.

Our task as HR colleagues is, in addition to the usual inflow, progression and outflow, to ensure that employees can do what they are good at and what gives them energy.

Are you coming to do an internship or graduate with us?  
In the field of HRM we have a number of great, current challenges where we can use your fresh perspective.

Want to make an impact?
Our mission is: we make maximum use of our knowledge for a healthy and sustainable world.
As an organization, we have set clear (measurable) goals to pursue our sustainability ambitions. We implement this in our projects and we also encourage sustainable choices in our daily operations.

We want ours life purpose make it more transparent and tangible internally and externally. How can we safeguard our mission even better?

To help us with this, you can, for example, conduct research into the drive of our employees to contribute to a healthy and sustainable world.

Do their norms and values ​​match the life purpose of our organization? What does 'making an impact' mean to them and do they think that our life purpose is a leading theme within our organization?

The result of your research is that we have more insight into what we as an organization can still improve in the transition of profit to life purpose.

Employer Brand and Recruitment
How would you put Valstar Simonis on the map as an employer and how do you use this to attract new employees? Who do we want to reach and how are we going to do that? Do we radiate what we do and are as an employer or can we improve this? These are all questions that you can research and advise on.

What will you come up with to ensure that Valstar Simonis makes a stunning impression on new employees? After thorough research, what are your recommendations regarding a warm welcome, a good induction plan and the right guidance. In short: a professional and, above all, people-oriented onboarding.

Knowledge sharing
As a knowledge organization, it is very important to us that we share knowledge in a structured way. And that every employee can retrieve the knowledge and information he/she needs. That is quite a challenge with our diverse workforce. Can you help us with this?

Would you like to meet us? Please contact our HR Officer Jennifer Pronk. She is happy to discuss the options with you. Mail to j.pronk@valstar-simonis or call/what's app to 06-28 40 34 74.



Do you have any questions? Please contact Jennifer Pronk, tel. 070 307-0222 XNUMX. Does this position appeal to you? Then we would like to get in touch with you.


Do you have a good proposal for an internship in the field of installation technology, sustainability, circularity or another (technical) subject? And would you like to discuss this with us? Then contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities. 

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