Provincial House South Holland Light Via Dak

South Holland Provincial House


The main building of the Province of South Holland has been renovated and made more sustainable. The building required modernization and the renovation has resulted in an energy neutral building. The project thus fulfills the ambition of the province to make all its buildings climate neutral.

The Hague
South Holland Provincial House
Kraaijvanger Architects
16.000 m2

Climate neutral, sustainable and light

Within the consortium 'Hollands Licht' (Main contractor Kuijpers, Kraaijvanger Architects and DGMR for building physics), Valstar Simonis is responsible for advice and design of all technical installations. This consortium has won the Design & Build contract for the renovation.

The sustainable transformation concerns the renovation of an office and meeting building (event hall and Statenzaal). The Final Design (DO) was completed and approved at the end of 2019.

This brings this project to a sustainability level of BREEAM Excellent.

Our assignment

We designed the electrical and mechanical installations for this project, beyond the required DO level. The design is at BREEAM-Excellent level. We employ certified BREEAM experts for this. Furthermore, the building is energy neutral and uses 100% renewable energy sources for the heating and cooling supply. This ATES system was also designed by us. We employ a BRL6000-21 certified system designer for this.

The third floor will be replaced by a sustainable roof structure, which filters natural light into the building, but at the same time keeps direct sunlight out. Insulation of the existing facades and triple solar control glazing help to prevent heating and contribute to a reduction of the cooling load and heat loss. In addition, solar panels on the roof, in combination with energy storage in the ground, ensure that all building-related energy (including heat and cold generation) is generated sustainably and locally. Furthermore, materials are reused as much as possible and any new materials have a responsible (circular) origin.


Photos / images: Ronald Tilleman Photography