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After more than fifty years, the DNB building is due for a thorough renovation. The building is technically exhausted and not sustainable. DNB's head office will be an open, sustainable and future-proof building that is connected to society. The building will be publicly accessible (the visitor center is part of the programme) and will be connected to the city of Amsterdam as a financial, economic knowledge and information center.

The Dutch Central Bank (DNB)
66.856 m2

An open, sustainable and future-proof building

The renovation is aimed at realizing future-proof housing: accessible, flexible to use, sustainable, energy-efficient and appropriate for a public-social institution such as DNB.

The building is used as the head office of De Nederlandsche Bank. The building will also be accessible to the public and connected as a knowledge and information center with the city of Amsterdam and Dutch society. To this end, facilities such as the visitor center, exhibition spaces and opportunities for public gatherings will be incorporated into the building. The public part takes up most of the ground floor and 1st floor and is approximately 10.000 m² GFA.

In the development of the renovation of the multifunctional building De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam, Valstar Simonis is responsible for the technical installation design and BREEAM.

For the latest information on the renovation and conversion of De Nederlandsche Bank, see the website of the Dutch Central Bank.

Our assignment

Valstar Simons, DGMR and Pieters Bouwtechniek are working together with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) for the realization of its renovation plans for the head office. Valstar Simonis has provided the design of all technical installations (VO, DO, TO phases). Much attention has been paid to a sustainable energy supply. This makes the building gasless. Heat and cold are supplied by heat pumps in combination with seasonal energy storage in the ground. Much attention has been paid to realizing a safe and comfortable building. The design has been worked out in BIM/Revit. Security plays an important role in this project. Valstar Simonis also fulfills the role of BREEAM Expert. We have the leading role to obtain the highest level design certificate: BREEAM Outstanding. This has now been formally successful!

Photos / images: DeNederlandscheBank / Tom van der Leij photography