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Catharina Hospital


We have been the “house advisor” at this top clinical hospital since 1998. In addition to many maintenance projects (via a framework agreement), we have also completed major expansions and renovations. The renovation of the bed house and outpatient clinic building A started in 2013 and a new framework agreement was recently concluded for the coming years.

A selection of the many projects: radiotherapy, MRI (Magnetic resonance chambers), angio room (Heart examination), dialysis ward, children's ward, maternity ward, PAAZ ward (psychologically retarded), renovation of the ground floor outpatient clinic, robot room laboratory, new construction of RGC, restructuring E installations (increasing operational reliability), Implementation of a cooling plant (heat pumps in combination with a soil storage system), standard nursing wards, renovation of all lifts (five bed lifts, seventeen passenger lifts, six small goods lifts), multipurpose room, replacement of control system, renovation of dishwashing kitchen, replacement of lighting fixtures, cardiac catheterization rooms (four units), production kitchen (disconnected cooking), various small projects (is this an addition?), renovation of laboratories, entrance hall, new outpatient clinic, pharmacy, new emergency room (construction team), certification of fire alarm systems.

Catharina Hospital
De Bever Architects / Architects on the Maas
150.000 m2

Installations, flexibility & sustainability

A special feature of this design is the phased realization over a long term. In order to guarantee consistency in the installation design, we have developed a Masterplan with regard to the technical installations, in which the short-term problems (shortage of cooling capacity and electricity capacity) are solved in relation to the structure desired in the long term.
The entire infrastructure, both W and E-technical, has been examined. Improvements, in particular with regard to energy consumption and increased operational reliability, are laid down herein. All proposed measures will be implemented in phases. After completion of the work, a highly reliable installation is created that is energy-efficient, flexible and prepared for the future.

In addition to focusing on the patient and conscious use of materials, energy consumption is minimized by opting for cold storage in the ground.

Our assignment

Innovative aspects
In the renovation of the nursing wards in particular, the aim was to find patient-friendly solutions. This means: striving for a “homely” atmosphere. First, a test floor was converted. Based on the experiences with the deepening test, a large repetition factor has been achieved through the pursuit of more standardization, which means that a lot is possible within the budget.

Central Hall
Because the central hall is the logistics hub, adjustments are regularly made to maintain or improve customer-friendliness and good logistics. Patients are registered in the central hall and visitors are informed. Part of the central hall is also a visitors' restaurant.