Agora Theatre

Agora Theatre


The Agora Theater stands out because of its special architectural design. The building is designed as a faceted sculpture with a skin that creates a kaleidoscopic effect through the alternating perforations. Inside, the building is organized around a vertical foyer, located under a large skylight. The different levels are connected by wide staircases, which are visible from every point in the foyer. The clear layout makes orientation easy, allowing visitors to find their destination effortlessly.

The building has a large hall with a fixed seating arrangement and a small hall with a flat floor and sliding stands. Multifunctional rooms are also available for use as a meeting and congress center, which can be divided with partition walls.

Municipality of Lelystad
7.000 m2

Installations, flexibility & sustainability

In order to be able to respond to the multifunctional use, the installations have also been divided into as many zones as there are layout options. These zones can be reconnected if partition walls are removed. Due to the special architecture, heavy demands are made on the outlets of installations in the facade and on the roofs. For example, there were no chimneys, ventilation pipes or (cooling) equipment on the building and no grilles or openings have been installed in the facades. All facilities have been installed under the perforated skin, with the surfaces and degree of perforation being accurately matched to the architectural design.

Our assignment

The faceted facade also gave the design of rainwater systems a whole new dimension. Because the facets are at “double angles”, the route of the rainwater is erratic. The bends of the gutters arranged in the facets are also at different angles, so that the dimensioning of these gutters had suddenly become an issue in itself. Valstar Simonis took care of the dimensioning and worked out the practical solutions for the gutters together with the construction contractor.

Also worth mentioning is the lighting installation in the building. By using colored (LED) lighting, it is possible to accentuate the various hall entrances with their own color. Visitors can find their own entrance by following the corridors with the correct color. The intensity is adjustable, so that the start and end of performances can be indicated with this lighting. In addition, the foyers are equipped with special lighting in close collaboration with the architect.